Thursday, 12 December 2013


Another day of tech - well, an afternoon. I just think its rather ironic how my downtime during a piece about our relationship with social media, is largely spent, on just those same sites that we critique. I feel life would be much better without them, bt at the same time, know that realisticaly, I wouldn't be able to wean myself off of them.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Dec 11th

Just spent today at a tech staggering for the 3rd year devised piece. It's pretty crazy, and I'm fly op, which means pulling the ropes up and down to 'fly' set pieces in and out of view. I'm enjoying it, although there's been FAR too much sitting around for my liking, and lots of checking social media to pass the time. I could have been more productive, I STARTED off more productive, but you know, you get bored of working and end up - well, here!

I've also got to get some crackers ordered for the formal, its so much hassle having to go through people to get things organised.

Watched AAmerican Psycho. WHAT a SHOW.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The things I've learnt so far.

And so since coming to uni, I've learnt some things.

1. Wraps, eggs, salad, yogurt and honey are pretty much all you need each week.
I don't like mozerella, and don't know how to prep it anyway.

2.I've realised that no matter where you go, there'll always be a varying degree of people's interest in making an effort, that there will always be people who don't care, who could, and maybe should, but won't. Not for you. Not for anybody. And so they key is to not let that creep onto you, and let this apathy and disinterest, this cool steely exterior, and sense of 'aboveness' latch and become what you think. For some reason, enthusiasm is seen as uncool, getting excited and caring isn't seen as the norm. Not in my experience.

3. Tidying rooms isn't as terrible as it may seem. But housework is time consuming.

4. One should clean their trainers regularly to stop them from reeking.

 5. One should get on with some more work.

6. It's not about finding time, its about making time, making tthe effort to do extra thigns, to organise and reshedule your days so you can make the most of them.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Ideas, fragments of imagination. That will be likely to become nothing more than thoughts, possibly scrawled out if I can give myself the patience to.

You call yourself a creator, but what was the last thing you made, what have you produced. When was the last time that you poured your heart into something? Truly let it . That's right, you can't remember.

Recently I've become enamoured with the Prelinger archives again.

You know what's heartbreaking, going to book a ticket for the cinema, and realising its going to cost you £10. Dear me.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

If anything, these last two weeks have taught me alot about myself. Its been a busy year, and so to actually have nothing to do, nothing pressing (apart from filming and editing a show but I'll get onto that later) it's a wee bit strange. I'm not getting any more sleep per se, my body clocks just shifted a few hours so its impossible to get up before 11, and to sleep before 4. Rather irritating actually.

Ended up going to a meadow in Greenwich, genuinely thought I was going to be attacked as I walked by the roadside - but I got there, in one piece. I had a heavy tripod and walking boots which made me feel a bit more mean, but if you ever need to see if you're 'ard enough' walk through woods alone in the dark. You'll figure it out pretty quickly.

What's nice is that I feel I'm learning with each project, and right now I'm learning I need another camera body and tripod to cover things

Monday, 9 September 2013

Remember remember?

Managed to restring my guitar, after 3 months moping about its lack of string and persuading myself it was far too tricky and worrisome to do myself.  5 minutes and a Youtube video. Are you serious? I could have been playing a full set of strings all this time? Apparently so.

Also starting to pack. Wierd.